by Opposition

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released April 13, 2014

Artwork by Tim Laing:
Produced by Nathan Smith:
Drums recorded by Phil Wilbraham:

Drums - Dave Sarre
Vocals/Lyrics - Stuart Sarre
Guitars - Nathe Sinfield
Guitars - Jack Armstrong
Bass - Matt Sharpe



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Opposition Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Totalitarian
Born to lead masses of broken nations
Spawned to bleed for your moral failures

How you weep when witnessing dictators declare warfare on those with nothing left to eat on your feet to terminate tyrannical regimes exterminate from history ending massacres and pure violence with hatred for heaven

War I’ll show you war I am breaking down your walls to reveal the truth behind every butchered child you coward your time has come for extinction

Now’s your time to face justice for your actions forced on those you displaced you disgust me multitudinously breathe this in there’s no salvation only the wasteland you created you must end

Who indisputably is crowned the enemy of all humanity the oppressor the murderer of the innocent you coward your time has come for extinction

I am transcending and moving mountains
In search of liberation take refuge with revenge

Kill the masters extinguish dictatorships
Track Name: Quietus
I can see that our freedom is not free society
In a future where no hope remains
We strive
To live and go on when we can’t hold on

I can see that our future is a futile disgrace
An abuse stricken race locked in chains
We thrive
Lost but remembered condemned as ghosts

Bury me in clouds of discontentment drifting fragments of ascending madness paradise lost in time so sign the dotted line the illusion of power you have over life we despise so write away your days

Write away your days
Write away your days
Condemn to the grave
Lament tragedy

Crack this complex mess in a modern mind
Give me a choice of destiny that can be mine
The white flag will rise

Invictus the strength and power to leave
Fremitus courageous we rise for one final reprise
Quietus this consciousness drifts beyond the earth through sky