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Anirudh Tagat
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Anirudh Tagat Endless is straight up brutality. Nothing less than a thorough night at your local gentleman's fight club (sledgehammers only).
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released June 17, 2013



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Opposition Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Abstract
We are legion.
Beginning of the end.
Track Name: Withdrawal
Just pick yourself up, there's nothing left to lose.
You underestimate your true potential.
Make every breath you take feel earned.
Stare into the darkness. Becoming what looks back
In perpetual silence. In this, the dead of night.

I'm no longer obsessed with the mundane day-to-day.
endeavours of life.
Free to be free.

Beneath the hollow shell
built up surrounding all your failures.
You're now becoming fearless
in the face of such complete emptiness.

Sovereign to yourself.
Unafraid to work this world alone.
No need for life by your side.

Beside yourself with complete serenity.
Soulless and complete.
Track Name: Voices ft. Danny Foster
I will tell you, so solemnly, that I always meant to let you go and that I never deserved this,
And all the kindness that you spoke fell on fucking deaf ears.
Because I never needed to know all the complexities of your pathetic fucking life.
Nobody will ever know the level of the bullshit, that is your life.
Pathetic, as the day you were born.
It was your actions that sold you out.
Pathetic as the day you were born.
Why did you have to sell us out.
All of those who stood by you have turned their backs on you...
Appreciate the mistakes you've made will be the death of you.
I will tell you so solemnly that I always meant to let you go.
And that I never deserved this. A
And all the kindness that you spoke fell on fucking deaf ears.
I despise every aspect of your life.
Your existence just echoes failures.
Turn and run. Don't fucking look back.
Nobody will hear you scream.
No name on the tomb we lay you in, as you fall underneath the bleakest depths.
Track Name: Orchid ft. Alex Jones
What goes through your fucking head
When you look at yourself in that powdered mirror
What have you become. A shallow, self loathing form.
A shell of what used to be you. Once so happy.
Now untrue to what you were.

And I'm ashamed of what you've become
A fucking ghost of your former self
And after all that's done is done
I will move on to someone else

What can you do now to change what you have started to become
Stuck in your ways. Alone with your thoughts
It won't be long til your actions consume you.
and you're left face down on the fucking ground.

Now that it's coursing through your veins
that substance now becomes---
your every waking moment dedicated to your fix
It has to be worth much more than this

if i had one single regret, It's you and I had ever met,
I cant stand to see you like this
A broken home caused by selfishness
(I cant believe you let yourself fade)
I watched so hopelessly as you tore your life apart.
Track Name: Sentimental
The sky, it waited for you to fall asleep before it took you up beyond the veil of this world.
Away, beyond the incomprehensible void.
Every ray of light that shone upon your face.
That entered those piercing eyes.
Reflected from the stars you gazed upon.
But without you I would be nothing. I would not exist.
And for that I thank you.
And I hope you knew how you always will be remembered
In the kindest of my thoughts.
Aside for all time, something to remind me of the fragility of this fickle world.
So this is good bye.
I feel I hardly knew you, but somehow knew you knew me so well.
As they say "we are all as one in the end"....
Beyond this mortal form of infinite design
As endless as the void
rebuilt time after time